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10 of Our Favorite US Domestic Destinations

It’s been a little over a year since Covid sequestered everyone into their homes, as vaccination continues to ramp up more people are looking to get away. While things are looking up across America and in some other countries, a lot of other countries still have a long road back to normalcy. Given the amount of travel restrictions and uncertainty surrounding International travel more of our travelers are eyeing domestic destinations instead of venturing overseas. Since we are fielding more requests for US destinations than ever before, we figured we would compile a list of some of our favorites. This is just a list of some of our favorites, America has plenty more to offer. In fact, we skipped all the obvious choices like L.A., New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami. As you read, please keep in mind that this list is not ranked or organized in any particular order. Please enjoy our list of 10 of Our Favorite U.S. Domestic Destinations!

Little Torch Key, FL

Little Torch Key is a small island located in the Lower Florida Keys. This tiny island grew to popularity amongst the countries elite once President Truman made it know that this was his favorite place to fish. The island has only a handful of businesses and doesn’t feature the assortment of activities that the larger keys offer. Little Torch Key is an oasis for those looking for a peaceful or romantic place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. At the same time if you want access to all the fun and excitement of Key West, its just about 30mins away. The untouched nature that’s at your door makes Little Torch Key an ideal location for fishing and kayaking. Other watersports like snorkeling, jet skiing or water skiing are also very popular. Nearby, Ramrod Key, is a great jumping off point for divers bound for Looe Key. Most the island’s famous visitors will stay at the Little Palm Island Resort & Spa. It's a place where nothing is too extravagant when it comes to wowing your partner. As the Resort motto constantly reminds guests, "all you have to do is ask.".

Fairbanks, AK

Fairbanks is the only 'city' in the Alaskan interior, and the largest settlement for hundreds of miles, but it still has many characteristics of a small town. Everyone seems to know everyone, and 'everyone' includes some truly fascinating characters like sled-dog breeders, crusading environmentalists, college students, gun nuts, military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, bush pilots, and the rest of the usual Alaska cast of oddities. Because the city sits at the nexus of some truly epic routes, north to the Arctic, east to Canada and south to Denali, most travelers in the region almost inevitably end up spending time here, and that time is rarely boring. This is a spread-out burg that's admittedly growing heavy on strip malls, and yet the residential streets of Fairbank’s compact downtown are still as pretty as a picture from the past, and during winter, this is ground zero for viewing the aurora borealis. Viewing the Northern Lights is indeed the main reason to visit Fairbanks. This is the #1 city in America in terms of chances of experiencing the Northern Lights. A host of other outdoor activities are available including fishing, kayaking, hiking and atv tours in warmer months. While dogsledding, snowmobile tours, ice fishing and even snowshoe walking tours are available in the winter. Most visitor’s coming to see the northern lights stay in a lodge or cabin outside of the city.

Willamette Valley, OR

Oregon's Willamette Valley is the perfect destination for wine lovers and farm to table foodies. While Oregon ranks number 3 in US wine production behind California and Washington, its actually home to more independent wineries than number 2 Washington. Oregon has a much cooler climate than California which makes it an ideal environment for growing Pinot Noir, Riesling and Chardonnay. Willamette has gained worldwide notoriety for its Pinot Noir in particular. Coincidentally the valley actually shares the same latitude as Burgundy, France which is the most famous region in the world for Pinot Noirs. And grapes aren't the only thing growing in Willamette. Other variety of farms and natural forests are flooded throughout the valley. These farms are producing everything from fresh produce to olive oils and delicious truffles. Nature lovers and outdoorsman will enjoy hiking though the valleys scenic country. The area also features some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region. We suggest staying at the Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard. This adults only resort is attached to one of the best wineries in the region and serves as a great jumping off point to tour the other wineries. Portland is also less than an hour away if you start yearning for a craft beer instead.

Eureka Springs, AR

Eureka Springs is nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas. This charming mountain town somehow effortlessly combines old-world small-town life with modern sensibilities. While the city is filled with classical Victorian architecture, most of its residents are young liberal minded upstarts. It's also one of the most gay-friendly towns in the region so don't be surprised if you see a rainbow flagged bar right next door to an old biker hangout. Everything in town just seems to come together somehow, creating a welcoming environment for travelers from all walks of life. Outside of town, the Ozarks provide a wide assortment of outdoor activities from hiking and camping to horseback riding and kayaking to keep you busy for days. Those who prefer to relax will enjoy a dip in one of the town's 60 refreshing natural hot springs. The Crescent Hotel & Spa has been a long time favorite of visitors to Eureka Springs for its classic Victorian architecture and its close proximity to Spring Street, the town’s main boulevard.

Canyon Point, UT

Canyon Point made us fall in love with the desert when none of us thought that was possible. Located near the Utah and Arizona border, this decadent desert getaway is any outdoor enthusiasts’ dreams come true. Situated in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself surrounded by natural wonders and enchanting scenic views for as far as the eye can see. This Western paradise features great hiking, unobstructed stargazing, adventurous biking terrain and access to several National Parks, including the Grand Canyon. In this desert landscape of canyons, mesas, ridges and gorges, we encourage travelers to recuperate in the modernist Suites of Amangiri or the tented Pavilions of the attached Camp Sarika. Aman offers the perfect level comfort and pampering to welcome you home after a busy day of activities in one of the world’s most dramatic and secluded settings. The resort also offers guests the opportunity to explore the area by land via horseback or by air via helicopter, plane or balloon.

Washington, DC

Washington DC is our nation’s capital and thus the city boasts a plethora of places to see and things to do. DC is brimming with iconic monuments, vast museums and let’s not forget the corridors of power where the country’s leadership resides. There’s nothing quite like the Smithsonian Institution, a collection of 19 artifact-stuffed museums, many lined up in a row along the Mall. The National Air & Space Museum, National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of African American History & Culture, Reynolds Center for American Art & Portraiture. Alongside the museums, Washington’s monuments bear tribute to both the beauty and the horror of years past. They’re potent symbols of the American narrative, from the awe-inspiring Lincoln Memorial to the powerful Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and onto the stirring Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. Washington is also a showcase of American arts, home to such prestigious venues as the National Theatre, the Kennedy Center and the Folger Theatre. Jazz music has a storied history here. In the early 20th century, locals such as Duke Ellington climbed on stages along U St NW, where atmospheric nightclubs still operate. Go-go dance music and punk rock also have deep roots in DC. The president, Congress and the Supreme Court are here, with the Pentagon, the State Department, the World Bank and embassies from most corners of the globe orbiting nearby. If you hadn’t got the idea, power is why Washington emits such a palpable buzz. It’s a thrill in seeing the action up close. To walk inside the White House, to sit in the Capitol chamber while senators argue about climate change, and to drink in a bar alongside congresspeople likely determining your newest tax hike over their single malt scotch. To get the full “Capitol Experience” we recommend staying at The Watergate Hotel. Besides being famous for its part in DC’s scandalous past, the hotel is within walking distance of most of the main attractions.

Chicago, IL

Chicago is nicknamed the “Windy City”. And while this moniker refers to the cities weather, Chicago tends to blow tourists away with its passive yet sophisticated awesomeness. Beneath the surface of its gleaming skyscrapers is a city filled with daring artists, award winning chefs and chart topping musicians. It's hard to know what to gawk at first. High-flying architecture is everywhere, from the glass-floored Willis Tower to Frank Lloyd Wright's stained-glass Robie House. As you’re walking along you’re likely to see an abstract Picasso statue that's not only cool to look at, but you're allowed to go right up and touch it. Art museums offer everything from impressionist masterpieces to psychedelic paintings and drawings from rising stars. One thing is for sure, make sure you loosen your belt. There’s loads of good eating to do in Chicago. The menu will include everything from peanut-butter-and-banana-topped waffles for breakfast to pork-shoulder posole and garlicky yucca enchiladas for lunch and fine dining on Italian classics for dinner. And you can’t leave town without trying a deep-dish pizza or a hot and spicy Italian beef sandwich from one of the local fast-food joints. Chicago is also a maniacal sports town. Having pro teams in every sport, two in baseball, watching a game is a local rite of passage. Regardless of your choice of sport, count on making lots of spirited new friends. Chicago is also big on festivals, and knows how to rock one. Between March and September it throws around 200 different festivals for all types audiences. The specialty is generally music. Blues Fest brings half a million people to Millennium Park to hear guitar notes slide and bass lines roll, all for free. During the four-day Lollapalooza megaparty, rock bands thrash while the audience dances in an arm-flailing frenzy. Smaller, barbecue-scented street fests take place in the neighborhoods each weekend. The best place to stay in order to take in everything Chicago has to offer is The Peninsula Chicago. This chic downtown hotel offers an unparalleled since of tranquility amongst all the activity going on around you.

Jekyll Island, GA

Jekyll Island is a 4000-year-old barrier island with 10 miles of pristine beaches. In the past Jekyll was exclusively a refuge for millionaires, today it's an unusual clash of wilderness, preserved historic buildings, modern hotels and a massive campground. It's an easily navigable island that you can get around on by car, horse or bicycle. The island features 10 miles of sun-drenched beaches, with each beach offering something different. Jekyll is also home to 4 award-winning golf courses and Georgia’s only rehabilitation center for endangered sea turtles. Take a tour through the maritime forest. Watch the dolphins play while on a guided kayak excursion. Take a bike ride through the Historic District to learn about the settlement’s history. There’s something on Jekyll Island for every kind of traveler. We recommend visitors stay at Jekyll Island Club Resort. This resort houses 3 restaurants and offers some of the best amenities on the island, including access to their private Beach Club.

Vail, CO

Vail offers up just about everything you could ever ask for from a mountain resort town and then some. Tucked beneath the Gore Mountain Range on I-70, The village areas at the ski area base have cobblestone walkways and are designed to look and feel like a Tyrloean mountain town. The town is home to some of Colorado's best restaurants. The streets light up the night when slopes close, filled with well dressed big spenders seeking gourmet meals and high-end cocktails. The mountain itself is Colorado's largest (one of the biggest in the world) with huge open bowls on the backside and plenty of family-friendly cruising slopes on the frontside. There’s also an assortment of kids' forts, terrain parks and other features throughout that ensure every visitor is entertained. Unlike some of Colorado's historic mining towns, Vail feels like it has been manufactured purely for your enjoyment. And it keeps on delivering year-round with amazing mountain biking, summer fishing, hiking, paddling and some of the best horseback riding Colorado has to offer. They Valley of the Gods isn’t didn’t get that name by chance. It truly looks like Gods country up here. The scenery and views are tough to be matched anywhere else. The best resort for couples or families in Vail is the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Vail. This resort offers several different room categories to suit your group size in addition to all the comforts and services that synonymous with the Four Seasons brand name.

Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport is probably as unfamiliar to most travelers as it is difficult to pronounce but let us assure you that this quiet little Maine town is one of Northeasterners most coveted secrets. There is so much to do and see that visitors often come back throughout the year to enjoy every aspect that Kennebunkport has to offer. From scenic lighthouses to sail boat tours, from unique shopping boutiques to the best restaurants in Southern Maine and some of the most gorgeous beaches in the US. There is truly something here for everyone. Goose Rocks Beach is arguably the most beautiful of the beaches. Its located a few miles from the center of town in a more secluded and residential area beyond Cape Porpoise. The soft, flat sand of Goose Rocks is ideal for walking or relaxing and enjoying the beautiful views of nearby Timber Island and the rest of the coast. There are all kinds of boating adventures to be had in Kennebunkport but our favorite by far is whale watching. Its always amazing to see these astounding creatures in their natural habitat. The days of fun and sun will inevitably work up your appetite. Fans of Maine Lobster Rolls are in luck, since 1973 Kennebunkport has been home to Alisson’s Restaurant and their award-winning lobster rolls. Stay in one of the White Barn Inn’s meticulously restored waterfront cabins to complete your quintessential Maine experience and its sure to be a getaway that you will never forget.

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