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Anniversaries & Birthdays

Life changing experiences with great friends or that special someone...

A lot of couples overlook the importance of Anniversaries, we want to remind you that every year together is a blessing. Anniversaries should be celebrated and reveled in! The sad reality it there are no guarantees in life on how many years you'll have together. Anniversaries are a great time to get away as a couple and reconnect with your partner. Sharing a special life changing experience with someone will certainly bring you closer together. The couple that travels together, stays together!


Birthdays are another major life event that are often under appreciated. Growing up most of us had birthday parties where our parents would go all out to make each one special. And yet, as we enter adulthood for some reason society tends to treat each anniversary of our birth less and less importantly until we hit old age. We've always found this to be a strange social norm. We try to celebrate each and every birthday and you should too! Its the perfect time for a short get away.

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