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Group Travel

Groups for sophisticated travelers sharing life changing experiences...

Unlike most travel companies, we carry our same level of concierge style service over to our group trips. Whether we plan a private group trip for you and your Travel Squad or you are an individual joining one of our scheduled group departures, we still ensure you stay in four-star or five-star accommodations and are treated to the same level of luxury as our other travelers.


Our group size qualification starts at 6 people and can be as large as you want. For larger groups, it may be necessary to use multiple transportation, accommodation and tour options in order to properly cater to everyone.


GROUPS AT WILL are scheduled trips with less customizable itineraries that we design for individual travelers looking to go on a journey with a group of other travel minded individuals. These are not match making trips for people bored with Tinder or one of those discount backpacking trips sold on Groupon. These are groups designed for sophisticated travelers who are hoping to interact with other people of taste while sharing life changing experiences.

Upcoming Group Departures:

Jaunting Jamaica - March 2022

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