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Passion for people & travel...

Get to know some of the key members of our Team. TRAVEL AT WILL is not just another travel company. We are a group of random individuals that started as friends and grew to become a family. We are all passionate about two things: people and travel. It is our hope that all of our travelers feel like a part of our extended travel family.


Andrew G Williams Jr

Co-Founder/Managing Director

Andrew was born with travel in his blood! The son of a retired airline employee, he is as passionate about helping people as he is about travel. Andrew is the man behind the TRAVEL AT WILL concept and philosophy. He brings to the Team over 13 years of travel industry experience, 10 years of which he spent working for a five-star international airline. Andrew has a wealth of knowledge in sales, marketing, business development and client relations. As the Managing Director, Andrew heads up our entire Team.


Lindsay Anders

Travel Designer

Lindsay grew up in the cold winters of Minnesota and moved to Texas 8 years ago for warmer weather. Since then, she has a newfound love of barbecue and rodeos! She has traveled extensively throughout her life and collects plates in every new state or country that she visits. She now has 23 plates in her collection. Her favorite trips were Cabo San Lucas, Iceland, and Zion National Park! Lindsay loves hiking and aerial adventures. Two of her favorite memories are hiking up a volcano in Costa Rica and ziplining across a jungle in Puerto Vallarta. In recent years, she became a mom of two but still makes traveling a priority! She remembers her college days when she couldn't afford to travel so her goal is to make traveling affordable and accessible to everyone!

Devon Marks.jpg

Devon Marks

Travel Designer

Devon is a NorCal native who feels more at home in the great outdoors than he does in his current actual home in Los Angeles. He prefers life off the grid. No fancy gadgets or social media. He still has a basic flip phone. Devon spends most of his time camping, hiking, cycling, mountain climbing and kayaking with his family. As a Travel Designer, Devon gets to let his outdoorsman’s spirit run wild creating custom experiences for our nature loving travelers.


Larry W Mosley Jr


Larry is the definition of a self-made man. He is a former City of Houston employee, who Is currently climbing to the top of Houston’s Investment Community.  Larry has a portfolio of real estate holdings that he currently manages but his real passion is helping people achieve and maintain physical and mental well-being. His REJUVE THERAPY treatment center in Kingwood, Texas offers a wide variety of services designed to help your body recover and repair from physical strain. Larry is our Co-Founder and an integral part of TRAVEL AT WILL.


Anne Munoz

Travel Designer

Anne is a citizen of the world and a citizen of nowhere all at the same time. Her roots stem from the Pacific Islands of Palau, Micronesia and the Philippines. She has lived and worked in seven different countries (and counting...) and has traveled extensively throughout Asia, the South Pacific, North America and South America. Anne was probably a mermaid in her past life. Her love for the ocean continues today as you will typically find her scuba diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, swimming or simply hanging out on a beach on any given day. She is a strong advocate for conscious travel, which focuses on creating meaningful and fulfilling experiences that have little or no impact on nature or local cultures.  As a Travel Designer, Anne is your spiritual aquatic guide to exploring life under the sea, connecting with different ways of life and reaching new levels of self discovery. 

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