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Another 5 Destinations for 5 Days for $5K or less

Updated: Jan 10

From our inception, one of TRAVEL AT WILL's primary objectives has been to make luxury travel experiences more obtainable to the masses. We empower our travelers to travel whenever they can and as they desire! While our philosophy and approach to customized travel design can be advantageous to all types of travelers from Corporate to Philanthropic Missionaries, our primary customer base continues to be Honeymooners and Couples seeking a romantic getaway. As a luxury brand that delivers concierge level services including premium accommodations, private transportation, private guided tours, jet and yacht charters; our only limitation is your budget. Booking a luxurious romantic getaway in Santorini or Rome might be out of the question for your budget, but there are several beautiful destinations in this world where your dollar stretches further. Our "5 Destinations for 5 Days for $5K or less" article previously introduced some incredible options. The list below highlights another 5 Destinations where we can book you a 5-day getaway for 1-2 people (including all of our premium services) for $5,000 or less. Destinations are not ranked or listed in any particular order.  


Turkey (Istanbul, Cappadocia & Bodrum)

Turkey is a richly historical land with some of the best cuisine in the world, all types of captivating scenery from beaches to mountains, a population of lovely warm people and most importantly the great city of İstanbul. İstanbul sits at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, this spectacular city has absorbed the best charms of both worlds. Here the past goes hand in hand with the present and every step brings to light a relic of times gone by. A bustling metropolis filled with beautiful historic landmarks, quintessential world-class cuisine, a sprawling slate of festivals of art and music and labyrinths of markets and shopping malls.

Whether you're looking down from your hot air balloon or staring out the window of your cave hotel, Cappadocia's out of this world landscape of fairy chimneys beckons you to explore. Bodrum is becoming renowned as a paradise for tourists because of its various ancient sites for sightseeing, exquisite yacht filled bays, turquoise sea, mild Mediterranean climate and vibrant nightlife.


Colombia (Cartagena, The Islands & Bogota)

Colombia is a country that will thrill you with a huge range of destinations serving up a smorgasbord of experiences to satisfy travelers of all tastes. Each of the country's primary tourism regions resonates at a different rhythm. Choose your own scene from laid back beachfront resorts, outdoor adventures, immersive cultural activities, delectable gastronomical journeys or combine multiple styles for a truly unforgettable vacation. Cartagena captivates visitors with the charm of its colonial architecture, the excitement of a vivid nightlife, fascinating festivals and lush landscapes.

The city’s beaches beckon you to unwind and enjoy yourself in the refreshing breeze and warm waters of the Caribbean. The Islands of Colombia are true paradises compositioned for undisturbed relaxation. Several of these unspoiled archipelagos are just a short boat ride from Cartagena, among these are Tierra Bomba Island, Múcura Islan, and Barú Island. Bogota brings together the best of Colombia. Here in the capital city, all the cultures from different regions of the country have a place, from the cuisine of the Coffee Triangle to the exhilaration and joy of the Caribbean, or the artisanal heritage of Boyacá and the Valle de Cauca Festival. 


Malaysia (Penang, Langkawi & Tioman) 

Malaysia is renowned for it's beautiful islands and pristine beaches. From the bustling island of Penang, to the popular duty-free island of Langkawi and the tranquil Tioman Island, there is no shortage of stunning scenery to enjoy. Penang is one of Malaysia’s most famous resort destinations. Penang Island's expansive stretches of golden sand and glittering waters have made it a world-famous holiday hotspot. George Town, its capital, is a UNESCO World Heritage City with fascinating historical buildings and a collection of cultural landmarks worth visiting. Langkawi holds an important place in Malaysian history as the setting for a variety of exciting legends and magical myths that must be explored. Modern Langkawi is a versatile holiday destination with world-class infrastructure, state-of-the-art marinas, award-winning luxury resorts, superb golf courses and a host of other outdoor activities.

Dive in to discover the wondrous marine life and trek through verdant rainforests to complete a quintessential experience in Langkawi. Tioman Island was previously selected by TIME magazine as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Along with eight other nearby islands, the island is part of Tioman Island Marine Park. As the biggest island in the marine park, Tioman is a hugely popular destination for divers and snorkelers. Enjoy the island's many undersea wonders as you swim with large schools of fishes, sea turtles and rays above a labyrinth of rainbow corals. Diving at Tioman can also give you the opportunity of spotting the rare whale shark.


Hungary (Budapest & Lake Balaton)

Hungary is a small but resilient and beautiful European nation. Throughout centuries of occupation and wars Hungarians managed to preserve and maintain their own identity, creating a culture that is distinctively unique from its neighboring countries. The architecture and artistic style in Hungary radiates an atmosphere of romance. It's a destination where couples want to spend quality time together strolling down cobblestone streets or hiking up to majestic castles and mountain villas. Travelers that prefer a slower pace will enjoy recharging at thermal spas and indulging in a wide range of wineries.  Budapest is truly a picturesque city with a list of must-see attractions that includes many World Heritage Sites on both sides of the rolling Danube River.

Explore the capital city's iconic sites and dazzling city center to find magical backgrounds that won't need insta filters for perfect photos. Lake Balaton is Central Europe’s largest lake and one of the largest in Europe. The area's 600 km2 of captivating lakefront scenery offers a wide variety of opportunities to splash around. The lake is rimmed with volcanic mountains creating its favorable microclimate that makes it accessible all-year-round. Seek conquest at nearby castles, explore cloisters of ruins from ancient battles and enjoy breathtaking views from lookout towers. 


Vietnam (Hanoi, Ha Long Bay & Phu Quoc)

Vietnam is a country bursting with energy and heart. From the hum of activity on the city streets to the sense of community in traditional villages, you'll feel the country's enigmatic pull and see the warmth in the way the Vietnamese welcome you. Hanoi was founded over 1000 years ago. Wandering through the 14th century colonial facades of the Old Quarter will transport you back in time to the city's humble beginnings. Today, Vietnam’s capital city is being invigorated with modern cafes, world-class restaurants, and cool art galleries. When the sun goes down, you have your pick from traditional watering holes to modern sophisticated rooftop bars.

Beyond the restless cities, Vietnam encompasses some of the best beaches and islands in Southeast Asia. Ha Long Bay's mystical beauty has made it a global bucket list attraction. Cruise its emerald-green waters though thousands of rugged islands and islets viewing centuries-old rock formations and exploring spectacular caves. Phu Quoc, nicknamed "Pearl Island", features 150-kilometers of gleaming white sand beaches and transparent turquoise water with gentle waves. Its picturesque sand and surf have made it Vietnam's premiere watersports destination. The entire Biosphere of Phu Quoc was proclaimed a UNESCO Reserve in 2006.

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